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NJP’s team excels in catering to different industrial projects with its various complexities. We provide innovative solutions for all functional requirements of industrial projects and facilities, regardless of their intricacies.


Ranging from master planning to interiors, we create effective housing solutions for residential projects of different sizes and requirements. Our multidisciplinary services result in wholesome high-performing buildings that are elegant and sustainable. As a team, we thrive to deliver rich and satisfying experiences to our clients.


NJP’s master planning involves the client, architects, and engineers from the very beginning of the process. Every masterplan is designed meticulously to be flexible and allow for future alterations and developments. Alternate solutions and studies are done to provide the most appropriate solution for the clients and their future development plans.


Our team prides itself on its innovative and sustainable designs for diverse commercial facilities. Our team works strategically to provide products of the highest quality for our clients. We focus on creating high-functioning projects that stimulate productivity through well-crafted spaces.


NJP partners up with schools and universities to create an adaptable, engaging learning environment throughout the designed facilities. Our multidisciplinary services ensure the creation of effective and durable buildings for its users. With our design and planning, we create a positive environment that optimizes the user’s educational experience.


NJP’s portfolio includes providing full engineering services for military projects as well. As a team, our adaptability has allowed us to accommodate each project’s needs, regardless of the project type. We are experienced in designing and engineering efficient military projects that comply with both client requirements and local regulations.



Nicholson Jones Partnership Ltd was established

in 1983, became incorporated as a Limited

Company on 28th September 2001, and is one of

Wales’ largest independent Civil and Structural

Engineering Consultancies, yet our original

philosophy based upon strong personal

relationships has been retained. Our Head Office

is located in Cardiff, South Wales and we have

Satellite Offices in Oman and Portugal.

Nicholson Jones Partnership Oman was

established in 2007, as part of Nicholson Jones

Partnership Ltd’s UK expansion. We aim to

become one of the largest Civil and Structural

Engineering Consultancies in Oman, providing the

best quality service.

As the Practice has grown in Oman, the Directors

have maintained their client focus and close

involvement with every aspect of each project

taking personal responsibility for the development

of the strategic planning through to the

management of the design process.







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Head Office

Nicholson Jones Partnership

Engineering Consultancy LLC

PO Box 234, PC 101

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Tel. 968 2449 6336

Fax 968 2449 4288

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